So when I asked for an LBD knitting project idea, the majority of you suggested a bowtie. I thought, why stop there? And so, I present to you my new Darcybot Bowtie and Newsie hat. (Both of which I am quite proud of.)

Also, trying to get the Darcybot “I-dislike-smiling-it-contorts-the-face” look was harder that I thought it would be. I figured I’d include all of them, and you can pick your favorite. ;)

For info on where to find these patterns and the knitting process, visit my knitting blogĀ here.

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    Wait. Did someone just fangirl over me? My life has now been made. kthxbai
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    She’s the girl in the Collins & Collins videos. OH MY GOD. SHE KNITS. AND SHE DID THIS. FANGIRLING!!!!
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    This is why Kelsey is one of the cool kids.
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  11. gilalyallen said: The last one!
  12. samashies said: I can’t even. You are so freaking amazing. That hat and bowtie are TOO PRECIOUS. I hereby give you the #1 fan award (even though I have zero authority on such matters).
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    Do want. Will have to buy some circular needles and teach myself to knit in the round, though, which I’ve been avoiding...
  14. erinwert said: what the hell you already started and finished?! you put me to shame. I am a lazy knitter. (that, and i really need to finish this christmas stocking…)
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